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Arthritis was starting to take a toll on my joints.  I invented a tongue and groove, infra red, 110 volt, knock down sauna, called “The Original Finnish Sauna”.  Using The Original Finnish Sauna for 10 minutes reduced joint pain and detoxed the body. The cedar  wood used to manufacture “The Original Finnish Saunas” was a high grade, clear grain, no knot cedar wood that was beautiful but expensive.

My 36’ trawler, a boat with teak wood floors developed a gummy, glue like mess in the calking in between each teak plank (each plank was approximately 2” apart), as a result of someone using the wrong cleaner on the floor.

The only possible solution was to completely remove the damaged calking which ranged from semi-liquid to gummy and rubbery or hard.   No marina would attempt to repair this mess for less than $20,000 with no guarantee they could even fix it.  I invented the “Deck De-Calker”, a precision tool bit that attached to a pneumatic hammer.

While in an airport, tired and bored, I watched as a guy gave his girlfriend a back rub.  Immediately I pictured a vending back massage chair.  I invented “The Magic Massage Chair”.  It not only gives a great back and shoulder massage, it massages the tired feet as well.  There have been 3 separate revisions of “The Magic Massage Chair.”  I could not decide which one I liked best so I manufacture all three of them!

A tow truck owner complained that existing lockout tools were hard to use and ruined the interior of the vehicle.

I invented “The Moon Reach Overhand Grip”,  a powder coated, bent rod with an overhand grip and molded rubber tip for easy and safe vehicle door entry.

After buying a mini trampoline and nearly breaking my neck when I lost my balance and fell off, I invented “The Cardio Hop”,  a sturdy hand rail support that goes around a mini trampoline.  Now I can increase my cardio activity and brain function without risk of losing my balance and falling off.  While there have been dozens of minor ideas I have developed, these are the major inventions I have produced and manufactured throughout the last several years.

their dream of owning their own business.