Medical Descriptions


Lifetime Wellness Centers ,Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of an exceptional line of motorized therapeutic equipment. We currently manufacture nine machines for the health industry. Of the nine machines, also known as toning tables, five are also sold as a package for exercise salons.

Each machine concentrates on a specific muscle group, with overall therapeutic benefits being achieved (i.e.: increased range of motion, blood flow and circulation, increased muscle tone and flexibility, and improved overall level of functioning). Click on the images above for a synopsis of how each machine operates, a description of the patients position on each machine and the benefits achieved.

The advantages of our motorized therapeutic equipment include: maintenance and increased range of motion in all extremities and trunk, maintenance and increased strength aiding in the prevention of muscle strophe, prevention of contractures and deformities by developing increased blood flow and circulation. Concurrently, cardiovascular output remains stable. Patients will receive passive range of motion and active assistive range of motion exercises depending on his/her strength, as well as a selection of varied body positions. Each machine is designed for easy transfer from wheelchairs, with timers for automatic shut-off.

We have medical endorsements available as well as testimonials from equipment owners and many successful customers. Let us show you how, with a small cash investment, you can profit from Lifetime Wellness Center’s Therapeutic Exercise Equipment. We’ve listed the dimensions and electrical requirements on each machine. Click the image of the machine to see that information.


Click each Toning Table / Toning Beds for more information


Click each Toning Table / Toning Beds for more information