Arm-Chest Toning Table MD

Arm-Chest Toning Table

DC# K842425

Dimensions: 4’ wide by 6’ long
Room Size: 6’4” wide by 9’ deep
Amps: 8.2

The Arms-Chest Machine offers a variety of 6 positions for the patient ranging from a 90 degree angle in a seated position to a full supine position. The patient sits on the stationary section of the machine and grasps the bars which rotate the arms from the shoulder. Depending on the position of his/her hands and the angle of back support, the patient will achieve muscle stretch, as well as increased blood circulation and blood flow throughout the chest, back, shoulder, and arms muscles.

A variable speed control mechanism allows the therapist a selection in the number of revolutions the patient will experience per minute. The speed can be reduced to as low as one RPM