Waist-Tummy-Hip Toning Table MD

Waist Tummy Hip

DC# K842433

Dimensions: 2’ wide by 6’ long
Room Size: 4’4” wide by 9’ deep
Amps: 8.2

The Waist-Tummy-Hip Machine offers patients two usage positions.

In this position, the two leg pads lift the patients’ legs up and down in a scissoring motion, with the upper portion of the machine remaining still. In this application, he/she lies supine on the stationary section with lower extremities on moveable parts holding onto the sides of the machine with both hands. Pillows may be added under the patient’s knees for additional support, if legs cannot be fully extended.

The patient receives stretch in hip flexors, as well as abdominal muscles. As his/her knees move outward, and the lower leg moves over the lateral stationary section of the machine. The patient will increase upper back extension, including increased movement of the scapulae in relation to the spine.