Leg Toning Table MD

Leg Toning Table

DC# K842430

Dimensions: 2’ wide by 6’ long
Room Size: 4’4” wide by 9’ deep
Amps: 8.2

The Leg Machine offers patients two ranges of movement:

  1. The patient lies supine with buttocks towards footplates. Feet are positioned on the foot plates with knees adducted together. Foot plates rotate simultaneously; one clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. Leg positions range from a 30-70 degree angle depending on the goal of the patient. The patient gains increased strength in the quadriceps muscle group.
  2. The patient’s position remains the same as described above with feet positioned on footplates. However knees are abducted in this application, promoting increased range of motion in external and internal rotation of hips, as well as increasing strength in hip adductors. A therapist may be needed to keep knees in the correct position.