Natural Infertility Treatment

Are You and Your Husband Ready to Have a Baby and Find Out Nothing You Have Tried Is Working?

You may be mentally ready for a pregnancy, however it is possible your body isn’t. After years of working 12 hour days, you and your husband finally decide you are both ready for a baby. Your body may need a transition to support your decision.

Our Dream Come True!

Fertility is a precious gift, not available to everyone.

When I invented a series of motorized exercise machines, now known as The Original Toning Tables or Toning Beds, I was trying to lose weight and shape up after the birth of my daughter. The fertility link was an accidental outcome. After 13 separate women reported unplanned, totally unexpected pregnancies, we stopped counting! Apparently, the increase in blood flow to key areas combined with strengthening and stretching exercises open just the right pathways to have a successful pregnancy. After using these toning tables, pregnancy was such a common occurrence, we started telling new customers to take notice of the increased possibility of a pregnancy and take precautions. We received countless phone calls from women upset that they found themselves pregnant and countless calls from women who thanked us, blessed us and were beyond grateful for the pregnancy they were told could never happen.

Fertility clinics called asking what we were doing to increase the rate of pregnancy. Our answer, nothing. Women would come in to the salon, use 5 of The Original Toning Tables for 10 minutes each, twice a week. We encouraged healthy eating and lifestyle adjustments, including stop smoking and start taking vitamins, and above all to maintain their weekly toning tables treatments.

As a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I encouraged countless women to follow that program. Way back, Weight Watchers was based on a balance of carbohydrates, calories, never telling women they had to stop eating their favorite food, healthy recipes and the support of other women to help keep them on track.

We have never made any claims as to any miraculous weight loss, inch loss, cellulite elimination, or anything else. When I was operating my 1st salon, called Kathy’s Figure Boutique, I did say that any customer who felt they did not get the results they wanted could have all of their money back. Never once did anyone ever request a refund. The benefits customers were getting were incredible. Using The Original Toning Tables provided much more than expected. The outcomes reported to us by customers ranged from dropping 5 clothing sizes, to an improvement in their sex life. Women reported an improvement in sleep, a reduction of incontinence episodes, increased flexibility and balance, a decrease in high blood pressure and the list goes on. There were customers ranging from bathing suit models for Ron Jon’s Surf Shop to severely handicapped women, to the point that their caretaker would have to lift them from one machine to the next. Everyone achieved results.

We do not offer injections, pills, in vitro, or any other direct attempt to increase the possibility of pregnancy. We do offer unique exercises that result in strengthening the “pelvic floor”. We do offer a system proven to increase flexibility and muscle tone. We do offer exercise machines that increase oxygenation throughout the body. We do offer an exercise system that is so enjoyable, women look forward to coming in for their next exercise treatment.




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